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mac os X Lion upgrade?

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For those that use mac's are or have you upgraded to lion? If so have you run into any problems.   

I want to upgrade but just checked and saw someone reported that there is a problem with ill cs5. I will have to look into that before I go any farther. Also need to check my epson drivers for the 1400. Thought this might be a good thread to start to share any issues with lion.


Denis Kolar:
I have Snow Leopard and I just started having issues with the printers at work. It will pause all the printers when the file is sent to them.

I have not heard anything about Lion.

Wow. I thought that the main selling point of Mac is super compatibility.


--- Quote from: Frog on July 21, 2011, 12:03:42 PM ---Wow. I thought that the main selling point of Mac is super compatibility.

--- End quote ---

No, it's stability and UI simplicity. And/or, it can be argued, "cool" factor.

Having worked for a small software company before, I've seen this a lot. Every time Mac and Windows upgrades their OS, there are problems for software developers, who have to  scramble to fix compatibility bugs BEFORE public release of the new OS. In turn, third-party developers then have scramble to to upgrade THEIR products to be compatible with the updated software AND the new OS.

The take-away here is DON'T rush out and upgrade to the newest OS right away, if you are running a business dependent on it. Give it some time to let the bugs get worked out at the 2nd and 3rd party software developer level.

This is the exact reason I just ditched FireFox.  What a crappy program that has become.  Chrome is sleeker and much, much faster.  Almost all of my bottlenecks are gone now.


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