Author Topic: American Embroidery Supply Offers New Trouble-Free Magnetic Bobbins  (Read 1767 times)

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Improve your shop?s quality and increase production using new Magna-Glide magnetic bobbins, #P-15-lL offered by American Embroidery Supply. The bobbin?s magnetic core, combined with advanced EB cross-link technology, optimizes thread delivery to create consistent tension from beginning to end of each bobbin. It eliminates the need to re-set tensions as your bobbin thread runs out, and the magnetic core also prevents backlash or overspin eliminating the need for anti-backlash springs . In fact, anti-backlash springs should be removed before using Magna-Glide bobbins.

The advanced EB cross-link technology also reduces lint and residual buildup in the bobbin case and tension spring resulting in long-time, trouble-free usage. You get more stitches per bobbin, which increases productivity. They also have a lower cost per yard based on usable yards per bobbin.

Only the finest-quality, high-tenacity polyester yarns are used. Bobbins are L style and contain 135 yards of thread. They come in white and black. There are 100 bobbins per box.

All online orders are shipped the same or next business day. Detailed instructions on how to use many of the specialty stabilizers are available on the website. For more information, please contact American Embroidery Supply at 888-518-6522; 770-627-2847; fax: 678-401-7160; or e-mail: