Author Topic: Tips to saving a color in the print.  (Read 1567 times)

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Tips to saving a color in the print.
« on: October 04, 2022, 05:56:26 PM »
How to reduce color count & screens for apparel printing. This video will illustrate one example of reducing color count when printing on an automatic where normally you may want to use a 2nd white. In this case, we have the opportunity to remove the need for two whites due to the color in the art consisting of a grey ink.  The choice of grey ink makes a difference. You can’t easily use just any grey. Lighter grey (closer to white) work best. In this case, I’m using pms 429 grey.  It’s actually a step lighter than what I needed in the art but since I’m not under basing this grey, I expect it to darken up little and thus gets closer to the original intended grey. Adding to this, it supports my top white just enough to provide for a brighter top white and saves me 1 screen.

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